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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Søren Fuglede Jørgensen (via Hacker News):

llama.ttf is a font file which is also a large language model and an inference engine for that model.


The font shaping engine HarfBuzz, used in applications such as Firefox and Chrome, comes with a Wasm shaper allowing arbitrary code to be used to “shape” text.

In particular, this “arbitrary” code could in principle be an entire LLM inference engine with trained parameters bundled inside, relying on treating text containing magic symbols for fake “ligatures” to initialize the LLM and use it to generate text.


[You can] get text generation in any Wasm-enabled HarfBuzz-based application; your favorite text editor/email client/whatever without having to wait for the vendor to include the “Copilot”-like features that everyone is rushing to implement these days. And everything runs completely locally.

visionOS Throttles CPU Based on Microphones

Shiny Quagsire (via Hacker News):

visionOS 2 (or RealityKit) seems to have gotten way more aggressive about power throttling (or my battery/cable are having issues idk), so ALVR seems to throttle to 45Hz at much lower PPDs despite being totally fine thermally.

lolll I found the answer, I was getting fucked by the userexperienced. Apparently it dictates thermal limits based on fan limits, and it sets fan limits based on how much it hears the fans in the mics

If I blast white noise, fan speeds stay at max + no throttle


Quite smart idea, not for throttling when the fans are heard, but SPEEDING THEM UP while they are NOT heard, based on the noise floor of the current environment.

This, combined with an assessment how much of the environment the user currently hears (i.e. maybe he is watching a movie), could provide a lot of headroom for additional cooling without bothering the user.

Lightroom Classic 13.3 and 13.4

Agen Schmitz:

Adobe has released Lightroom Classic 13.3, enabling you to erase unwanted objects and imperfections in your photos using the Generative Remove tool (powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI).

This requires a new catalog database format. I’m seeing some weird behavior in that I can run it for days with it seemingly not doing anything, but then when I try to quit it will warn that it hasn’t finished writing the XMP metadata. Then, sometimes, after starting the quitting process it will show a new modal progress bar for writing XMP before asking whether I want to back up the catalog.

Adobe (MacRumors):

Generative Remove is Lightroom’s most powerful remove tool yet, giving everyone the power to remove unwanted objects from any photo non-destructively in a single click by intelligently matching the removed area with pixel perfect generations for high-quality, realistic and stunning results. From removing distractions in family photos, to empowering professionals with speedier retouching workflows and more fine-grain control, Generative Remove empowers exciting capabilities for all photographers. Generative Remove is available today as an early access feature across the Lightroom ecosystem for millions of users.

Today, Lightroom’s AI-powered Lens Blur tool is now generally available with all-new presets, empowering everyone to achieve aesthetic blur effects on any photo in a single click.

John Gruber:

Generative fill/erase is rising to the level of table stakes. Google launched Magic Eraser in 2021. Adobe’s brief demo video in this press release doesn’t show a professional photographer — it’s a woman shooting photos with her phone. Apple is going to have to add this to Photos, and it ought to be announced next month.

Apple calls it Clean Up. There’s also a 13.4 update that fixes some bugs.

Tim Hardwick:

With the release of version 5.4 for Mac and 7.4 for iOS, Lightroom now enables you to edit videos using the same controls that are used for photos. You can trim videos, adjust color and exposure, and apply presets optimized for video.

But these are not in Lightroom Classic.

Wade Tregaskis:

I don’t know why, but it’s apparently impossible to directly import a Lightroom catalog from one computer into the catalog of another. It always fails at the end of the import with the same infuriatingly useless error message.

However, I seem to have found a fairly reliable workaround[…]


MarsEdit 5.2.1

MarsEdit 5.2:

The “Search” field in the main window now features a filter selection to toggle between searching everything or searching just the current selection.

Inline “Find” support is now available in the rendered versions of posts in the Preview Window or Main Window.

These are great.

The ability to duplicate posts may serve as an aid on blogs where posts repeatedly follow the same pattern or template. You might, for example, keep a Local Draft “starting point” and use that to create duplicates which are then fleshed out and published.

The 5.2.1 update includes an important fix:

In some cases, the web preview held on to an incorrect value associated with the content that was previously being displayed. For example, a link might go to the wrong site, or the style of an element might reflect the style of another element in the post.