Tuesday, June 25, 2024

visionOS Throttles CPU Based on Microphones

Shiny Quagsire (via Hacker News):

visionOS 2 (or RealityKit) seems to have gotten way more aggressive about power throttling (or my battery/cable are having issues idk), so ALVR seems to throttle to 45Hz at much lower PPDs despite being totally fine thermally.

lolll I found the answer, I was getting fucked by the userexperienced. Apparently it dictates thermal limits based on fan limits, and it sets fan limits based on how much it hears the fans in the mics

If I blast white noise, fan speeds stay at max + no throttle


Quite smart idea, not for throttling when the fans are heard, but SPEEDING THEM UP while they are NOT heard, based on the noise floor of the current environment.

This, combined with an assessment how much of the environment the user currently hears (i.e. maybe he is watching a movie), could provide a lot of headroom for additional cooling without bothering the user.

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That’s… that’s really brilliant! In a quiet room you don’t want to hear that fan (nor does anyone else in the room).

Clever! Love these kinds of solutions.

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