Thursday, November 16, 2023

Lightroom Classic 13.0.1


Blur any image to make it seem like it’s been taken with a wide aperture lens. Lens Blur easily alters the background or foreground of your images by making a depth map using Adobe Sensei.


Edit, display, and save images in High Dynamic Range (HDR) to experience increased depth with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, and vivid colors. You can now view and edit HDR images with compatible HDR displays.


Adjust individual colors with professional-grade precision, including the ability to control the range across Hue, Saturation, and Luminance.


  • Improved performance of metadata operations like reading, writing, and metadata status.
  • Faster response in XMP writing and reading.
  • Improved stability and performance of folder move operations and folder delete operations.

It actually does seem a lot faster at moving photos between folders. It’s still unresponsive during large imports, though, and I’m now seeing incorrect counts in the Library Filter column view.


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Something really odd happened yesterday which made me anxious that it happened before and I didn't notice. I downloaded a new batch of photos from iPhone to a disk folder (by the way, Image Capture on Sonoma does not display the "already downloaded" checkmarks anymore so this has become even more manual :((( ), then used "Sync Folder" in Lightroom Classic 13 and it missed a photo! I confirmed the photo was there and intact. Another sync and even import didn't help. I moved it to a different folder and imported (not synced) from there; that worked. It showed up in the correct place in All Photos.

I wonder if has anything to do with iPhone photo names rolling over from IMG_9999.JPG back to IMG_0001.JPG (which is the dumbest thing ever and Apple should fix that by using the date/time as file names). The photo missed was one that did NOT have a " 1" addition to its name after importing, so maybe I deleted or denied its namesake before and Lightroom remembered.

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