Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Lightroom Classic 11


Reimagine local adjustments with the brand new Masking panel. Now use the Brush, Linear Gradient, and Radial Gradient tools with greater precision and organization. You can also access the Color Range and Luminance Range tools that help you select and adjust specific colors or brightness levels in a photo. Depth Range control is also available for photos containing depth information. You can choose to combine multiple masks in a single photo to make complex local adjustments and easily access them in an organized Masking panel.


Backed by Artificial Intelligence, the Masking panel offers two new options - Select Subject and Select Sky!


When multiple images are selected, you can now choose to view metadata for the active image or across all selected images.


Click the Customize button to select the metadata fields that you want to display in the Metadata Panel.


The way that the Lightroom Classic database is stored on disk has been optimized and a new file will be created. This new file, with an extension of .lrcat-data, will now be found in the same folder as your catalog file. This file contains important information about your photos and edits and should be included in any backup regimes you may have.


The progress bar of saving an XMP will be displayed in the Activity Center.


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I am a reluctant user of Adobe in general and Lightroom in particular since Apple abandoned Aperture. I remain frustrated with the split between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. I want a modern, streamlined user interface and native cloud features, but I also want the latest advanced features and the ability to manage my own files in local storage in tandem with automated cloud storage management.

This update further entrenches the differences between the two versions of this app instead of making any progress to unify them.

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