Tuesday, June 25, 2024

MarsEdit 5.2.1

MarsEdit 5.2:

The “Search” field in the main window now features a filter selection to toggle between searching everything or searching just the current selection.

Inline “Find” support is now available in the rendered versions of posts in the Preview Window or Main Window.

These are great.

The ability to duplicate posts may serve as an aid on blogs where posts repeatedly follow the same pattern or template. You might, for example, keep a Local Draft “starting point” and use that to create duplicates which are then fleshed out and published.

The 5.2.1 update includes an important fix:

In some cases, the web preview held on to an incorrect value associated with the content that was previously being displayed. For example, a link might go to the wrong site, or the style of an element might reflect the style of another element in the post.


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