Thursday, November 30, 2023

MarsEdit 5.1

Daniel Jalkut:

The addition of Mastodon support is a natural extension of the new Micropost Panel which was introduced in MarsEdit 5. I’ve prioritized the feedback of many users and added the ability to resize, add images, view character count, and more.

This is a welcome addition, although I haven’t settled on exactly how I want to use it yet. I like the support for multiple Mastodon accounts, the editor, and the way it can maintain a local archive. However, I still use Mona for most of my product-related posting because it can handle boosts, which MarsEdit neither posts nor archives.

HTML Entities are now ignored by syntax-highlighting and live spell checking

This doesn’t yet work for entities inside of HTML tags. I look forward to that being handled in a future version.

Fix a bug that sometimes caused spell checking to fail in Plain Text editing mode


Fix a crash that could occur when undoing text changes in the Plain Text editor

These two were affecting me a lot, and it’s great to have them fixed.


Update (2023-12-12): MarsEdit 5.1.1:

Fix syntax highlighting of [and spell checking with] entity references within HTML blocks

Fix a bug in which published posts sometimes remained in Local Drafts folder

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