Friday, August 18, 2023

Dash 7


Dash 7 includes a completely rewritten fuzzy search engine, which makes it easier to find the page you need, fast.


Dash 7 will now search disabled docsets when you start your search query with the docset name or keyword (e.g. searching for “css display” will search for “display” in the CSS docset even when the CSS docset is disabled)


I’ve decided to switch Dash to a subscription pricing model, as the paid upgrade pricing model is no longer a good fit.

Dash’s highest development priority is docset updates and supporting new docsets, but the paid upgrade pricing model focuses on new features. The subscription pricing model will allow me to focus more on Dash’s #1 feature: its docsets.

Still one of my most-used developer tools.

It’s $15/year vs. formerly $30 to buy or $20 to upgrade (about every other year).


Update (2024-05-20): Christian Tietze:

After a long period of grand-fathering us non-subscription users of old versions, (the documentation browser for Mac) removed the old Apple API update feed. Now I’m getting periodical error notifications :)

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That's a no brainer for me: I use Dash every day at work, it's an indispensable tool. I'm more than happy to support the development via subscription. Which seems set at a very reasonable price.

I'm honestly surprised how long they held out! It's been clear to me the real effort/value was in the docsets since Dash 4, more than 6 years ago, as the app was already essentially feature-complete. None of the advertised features back then were interesting to me, but there was a technical change that enabled it to work better with Angular docs, so I gladly paid for the upgrade anyway.

I don't think it occurred to me back then though the solution would be subscriptions, as they weren't as much in the collective consciousness.

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