Friday, August 18, 2023

iOS 17 Moves “End Call” Button

Chance Miller:

In iOS 16 and earlier, the iPhone’s end call button was located at the very bottom of the in-call interface. Above it were two separate rows of buttons for things like mute, the keyboard, FaceTime, audio controls, and more.

In iOS 17, Apple has revamped this interface to shift everything down to the lower third of the screen. This means that the “End” button has been intermixed with other buttons for audio controls, FaceTime, muting, adding callers, and the keypad.


This feature and change has been included in iOS 17 since the first beta was released at WWDC in June. It’s going “viral” this week after being reported on by CNBC on Tuesday. Since then, a number of other outlets have also covered the change – including the Associated Press.

This was to make room for Contacts Posters.


Update (2023-12-11): David Kopec:

In this edition of dumb UI design, Apple decided to eliminate some of the space between the “End Call” button and the bottom of the screen in iOS 17. So now when you swipe up to look something up while you’re on a call you can accidentally end the call all together!

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In its centre location, I sometimes hit it by accident when swiping up to unlock.

As someone who holds my phone in my left hand, having it on the right made it very difficult to press. Glad they moved it back.

While I might see this "Poster" when the phone first rings, I almost never look at the phone during a call. Why would you? Either it's up to your ear or you are using a headset and the phone is in your pocket.

Sacrificing good GUI design to give an image more space is not a good trade in this case.

Will this poster feature slow people to prank call their penis to strangers?

Don't update to iOS 17. Got it.

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