Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Dash 6

Kapeli (tweet):

The interface was updated to feel more native, especially in macOS Big Sur


The most requested feature is here. I think I finally found a way to make full-text search fit well within Dash, alongside the results coming from the docset index.

Full-text search is opt-in. You have to manually enable it for the docsets you want, by opening the docsets in the docset browser and choosing “Enable full-text search”

Full text search is not supported for the Apple API Reference or Man Pages. In my limited testing it worked well for Python, though. Dash 6 retains the 5.x interface of having separate search fields for searching across pages and within the current page. I still haven’t fully adjusted to that. I find myself having to think about which keyboard shortcut to press, whereas the unified search field always felt natural. It’s $30 to buy the app or $20 to upgrade.


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