Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Michael Potuck (via Ruffin Bailey):

With Apple’s official battery service for worn-out AirPods, you’re looking at $49 for AirPods and AirPods Pro (per headphone), and the same rate goes for any of the AirPods charging cases.


PodSwap is a relatively new service, and it looks like a great option to get your AirPods batteries replaced at a nice discount. You can swap in your gen 1 or gen 2 AirPods with dead batteries for a refurbished and sanitized pair with “restored battery life.”

The company has indeed found a way to replace AirPods’ batteries with “specially developed equipment.” You’re not getting an official Apple battery here, but PodSwap says it’s done independent testing to make sure “The batteries we use are similar in performance to your original ones from Apple.”

This costs $60 for a pair. They don’t yet support AirPods Pro.


Update (2021-05-24): Jeff Carlson:

To be clear, Podswap doesn’t actually recondition and return your particular AirPods—that would take longer and require additional tracking. Instead, you receive someone else’s old pair with a new set of batteries.


Podswap makes it clear that the set you receive might have minor scratches or wear and tear, but the company also points out that every pair undergoes “ultrasonic micro-removal suction of dirt and organic debris, medical-grade solution treatment, and industrial-grade low temperature sterilization.” In other words, you’re not sharing someone else’s earwax.

Overall, I’m delighted by the Podswap experience and happy I can get new life out of my original investment, even if it requires two different physical units.

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As much as I like a bargain, I would always be careful with both batteries and chargers - there are many many dodgy versions of both, and the failure mode includes catching fire or exploding. PodSwap may well be awesome, but keep in mind you are putting something that can catch fire in your ear (ok, technically the battery is in the stalk, so next to your ear).

As annoying as Appleā€™s battery stance is, I'm not sure that is a bargain I would take.

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