Friday, May 5, 2023

Browser and OS Marketshare in 2023

John Gruber (Mastodon):

Looking at the global chart, Chrome seems to be holding steady in the desktop market over the last year, but Safari does show an uptick from about 9.5 to just under 11 percent. As Benton points out, the most striking thing in Statcounter’s report is the decline in Windows’s desktop OS share over the last year, both globally and in the U.S. I suspect Windows is losing share to mobile browsing just as much or more so than it is to MacOS and ChromeOS.


Globally, Windows was surpassed by Android back in 2017. The decline in Windows’s dominance has been precipitous: in 2009 Statcounter pegged its share at 95 percent; today it’s 28 percent. In the U.S., Windows is effectively neck-and-neck with iOS, each hovering around 30 percent for the last few years. It doesn’t seem outlandish to project that Mac and iOS, combined, might soon surpass Windows and Android combined in Statcounter’s share numbers for the U.S.

According to these numbers, Safari is the #2 desktop browser with 11.9% usage share globally (20% in the US), even though Safari no longer runs on Windows, Macs are regularly reported as less than 10% of desktop sales, and many Mac users prefer Chrome. I guess this is consistent with their stat that Macs have 30% usage share, with about 2/3 of all users preferring Chrome.

Firefox is apparently down to 5.7% on the desktop, with far less on mobile, but my experience is that it works with more of the Web than Safari.


Update (2023-05-23): See also: MacRumors.

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The best web browser for me is Safari, for its Command F and Command G search interface, among other features.

These numbers are wrong, notably because iPadOS ⩾ 13 is counted as MacOS by StatCounter, due to its user-agent fakery. See the update at the bottom of,September%202019.

Also this is not market share but usage share. StatCounter Global Stats counts page views.

@Alexandre Thanks for the iPad info. I think you are right about market share vs. usage share, but it is confusing because all the StatCounter charts say “Market.”

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