Friday, May 5, 2023

Instapaper 8.3


This release features a new CarPlay app for playing articles, a number of text-to-speech improvements including access to more voices, the ability to edit article metadata, and other improvements.

Listening to articles is a cool idea, but I found that even the high-quality Alex voice just isn’t that pleasant. The post says to download additional voices using Settings ‣ Accessibility ‣ Speech ‣ Voices, but, oddly, that screen no longer seems to exist. Instead, the list of voices is duplicated within Settings ‣ Accessibility ‣ VoiceOver ‣ Speech ‣ Voice, Settings ‣ Accessibility ‣ Switch Control ‣ Speech ‣ Voices, etc. Instapaper does not provide access to the newer, numbered Siri voices.

Speech aside, I have been enjoying using Instapaper more lately. The loss of Twitter clients forced me to change my workflow, and I found that I don’t need Twitter or Mastodon on my iOS home screen. Now I reach for Instapaper or Flickr when I have a couple free minutes.


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I believe the path would be Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices.

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