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Skype for Web Drops Support for Safari

Chance Miller:

In a statement to VentureBeat, Microsoft explained that Skype for Web uses a “calling and real-time media” framework that functions differently across the various browsers. Thus, it decided to prioritize Skype for Web support in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome[…]


Update (2019-03-11): My hospital’s Web site just stopped working in Safari. The login page just endlessly reloads itself. It works in Chrome and Firefox.


Once Edge gets rebuilt they'll only have to support Chromium. I can see companies opting to support whatever Chromium supports instead of multiple browsers or an underlying standard.

What's weird is the app does largely work in Firefox, so it's silly to lock people out.

How about a "continue at your own risk and understand any bug reports will be reported as non urgent by development team"? Microsoft can do better.

How did I forget? Microsoft isn't supporting Opera either. You know, Opera, another Chromium based browser. How does that even make sense? Does that mean Brave no longer works as well?

To be fair, of the three remaining browser engines, Safari does have the one that often ends up with the weird bugs that you have to work around. And that's not on anyone other than on Apple.

[…] Skype for Web Drops Support for Safari […]

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