Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Converting the Streaks Apple Watch App to SwiftUI

Quentin Zervaas:

At this time, Streaks for Apple Watch still supports watchOS 6. Even though SwiftUI runs on watchOS 6, there were some roadblocks in our implementation, so if you’re on watchOS 6, you’ll still be running the WatchKit version.


In Streaks 9, this animated view on Apple Watch fully uses SwiftUI, not a series of animated images. This makes it much smoother, faster and nicer to interact with.


All of these edge cases are the primary reason why it’s taken us two years to get all this working as well as we’d like.


The multiline support in TextField on Apple Watch is buggy: while it would reserve 3 lines of space, it would just truncate the first line and not show subsequent lines.


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