Monday, March 13, 2023

Pattern Matching on Swift Error Codes

Ole Begemann:

I was wondering why this shorter syntax works. Is there some special compiler magic for pattern matching against error codes of NSError instances? Turns out: no, the answer is much simpler. Foundation includes an overload for the pattern matching operator ~= that matches error values against error codes.

The implementation looks something like this:

public func ~= (code: CocoaError.Code, error: any Error) -> Bool {
    guard let error = error as? CocoaError else { return false }
    return error.code == code

However, my experience has been that this only works for concrete types, not when your errors or codes use a protocol.


Update (2023-03-15): See also: Rob Jonson.

Update (2023-03-16): The problem seems to be this bug (via Rob Jonson).

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