Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Making of Ice Cubes

Thomas Ricouard:

With Mastodon it was time, I could finally make my own social network app, and with iOS 16 and all the great new SwiftUI API that came with it, it was the perfect timing.


The pinning and reading remote timelines feature was shipped as part of the initial release, and I received positive feedback about it every day. I know I’m not the first to do it, as other apps were already doing it before. However, making it a core feature and placing it in front of the user, on top of being easy to use, really helped raise awareness about it quite a lot.


The packages are split by domains and features. There is very little code in the app itself; everything is self-contained in its own package. This makes it easier to test (even if, for now, there are barely any tests) and faster to work at the package level with SwiftUI previews, faster build times, and so on.


It have one main view, one view model, and then it’s composed of small, targeted subviews. […] The idea is to connect and do the minimum amount of update possible in those subviews to keep updates while scrolling at the minimum (actually next to none in the case of scrolling a list of statuses). This played a big part into improving performances while scrolling the timeline in the 1.5.X versions of the app.

The repo is here.


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