Tuesday, March 7, 2023

MoneyWell 2023.01

Diligent Robot:

After a lot of dillydallying, we’re very pleased to announce the return of sync to MoneyWell. This is available in MoneyWell 2023.1. To go along with this, we’re releasing MoneyWell Express 2023.1 for iPhone.


We know a subscription will put lots of people off, but we need to make MoneyWell sustainable, and the existing model isn’t.

The syncing seems to use Ensembles/CloudKit. It’s not clear to me what else is new in the version, other than the Big Sur–style icon. The subscription is $49.99/year, the same as the original price I paid for the app back in 2009. There hasn’t been a paid upgrade since MoneyWell 3, which was $25 back in 2015.

They’re also going Mac App Store–only. Eight hours after I received the update e-mail, the app still doesn’t show up at all when searching in the Mac App Store. The direct link works, though.

We have a roadmap for future development on MoneyWell. Our biggest goal is for MoneyWell to return to sustainability so it can be our main, and eventually only, source of income. Currently that isn’t the case, which is one reason why progress is slow.

Over the next 12 months amongst other things we’re planning[…]

I’m not interested in anything on the roadmap, but I still really like the app and will be happy if they can simply maintain the current feature set. Hopefully the subscription and planned features, which seem marketing friendly, will make that possible.

MoneyWell Help:

Because of the way syncing now works, we’ve moved away from a “document” model, where you look after your document and can move it around. The MoneyWell app now manages all of the budgets. This enables multiple budgets to be synced. If you want to make sure your budgets are backed up (and you should) ensure your backup system backs up ~/Library/Containers/com.diligentrobot.MoneyWell/

I can see why they’re doing this, but I’m not thrilled because I don’t use syncing, anyway, and I liked to keep my document file on an encrypted disk image. Undo support has also been removed, since it doesn’t work with the new syncing. The new version seemed to migrate my data correctly except that it reported that some of my smart filters were damaged.


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I used MoneyWell for years until it was all but abandoned. I wish them well, but I've been using Banktivity the last five years and it's excellent — far beyond what MoneyWell offers.

I will be subscribing, but not moving off 3.1.2 for a while. I will subscribe to help keep the developers able to continue supporting the app. I have had very good and responsive support from them when I have bugged them with issues over the time they have owned it. Glad to have a way to financially support them.

@Chris - when I tried Banktivity it had no way to do either Direct Download or ingest OFX/QFT files. Has that been added?

@Liam Yes, my experience has been that they do answer e-mails and fix bugs, and I am happy to support them.

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