Thursday, October 29, 2020

MoneyWell 3.0.15

Diligent Robot (tweet):

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released version 3.0.15 of MoneyWell for macOS. This is a minor update to fix a few bugs.

The new developers haven’t charged for an update yet, but they’ve been responsive to support e-mails and have chipped away at bugs that predated them. Syncing continues to be a problem, but fortunately I don’t use that feature. For my purposes, the app continues to work well.


Update (2020-11-02): Diligent Robot:

Moneywell had once had Dropbox syncing, but when the Dropbox version 1 API was closed down, Moneywell Sync had just stopped working, and for many, that was when their relationship with MoneyWell had come to an end.


By early 2020 it had become obvious that the renovation project was not only behind schedule but probably about twice the size we had anticipated.


In the spring of 2020, we panicked. We felt we couldn’t just keep going with the renovation and needed to get something out. We put the renovation on hold to return to the existing MoneyWell and started to try and patch it up with a new sync system and other fixes so that we could get something out of the door. It was the wrong move. We spent the spring and the summer producing what could only be called a Frankenstein piece of software that would have been unreliable and left users underwhelmed and disappointed.


So here we are at the beginning of the fall of 2020. We have scrapped the Frankenstein edition and returned to our renovation accepting that there is still a significant amount of work to do but when done will be the right thing.

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I selected MoneyWell over the competition in late 2009 and used it until late 2017. I stuck with it probably longer than I should have, given the lack of updates and activity around the platform. It was really disappointing to have to let it go, but I have to say that Banktivity has been an absolute revelation in comparison. It's where MoneyWell seemed to be headed before the original owner let it go and went to work for Apple. It's going to be very difficult for the current developers to catch up, but I wish them well.

Interesting thread. I hadn't heard of MoneyWell until I saw this. I switched to Banktivity a couple of years ago, and I have started researching options with the release of Banktivity 8. I am still using a MacBook Pro that tops out at High Sierra, and I'm not sold on making the investment in new hardware capable of running apps like the new Banktivity 8. Any advice Chris, Michael, or others?

@Christopher I’ve not used Banktivity. I’ve been using MoneyWell since 2009 and still recommend it.

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