Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Ducklet 1.0.1

ohoj Software:

Ducklet makes using SQLite databases easy for everyone, whether you’re a developer, data analyst, or just curious. We’ve designed a user-friendly interface for a smooth and intuitive experience, so you can focus on your data.


Experience unmatched performance and seamless integration with our native application written in SwiftUI and AppKit.

I discovered this new app while assembling the Black Friday deals. It brings some fresh ideas but isn’t mature enough for me to switch yet.



Overall, I like Base and Core Data Lab better, but Base has been giving me a lot of internal errors lately, and I’m unsure whether it’s still under development. However, Ducklet looks promising, so I purchased it on sale.


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Samuel Herschbein

In Ducklet I couldn't find a way to display the row_id, which isn't always sequential and is often used as a key.

Hi, I'm the developer of Base. For a while I fell behind on keeping Base up to date, but I am working on it again now.

Ducklet is cool though.

I'm a curious person and I like to peeks into the various app databases that reside on my drive. One tool I use for that is DB Browser for SQLite. It's free, open source and does what I need it to do. Unfortunately it's hardly maintained and rarely updated.

I took advantage of the sale and played with Ducklet a bit and share your early criticism. I hope that I won't regret the purchase though. On the homepage they state that they plan to release a paid upgrade every 12 to 18 months. For a tool that I only need occasionally that would be very expensive.

It has been my observation that these niche developer tools don't fare very well on the App Store. Over the years I probably bought around a dozen of them and most have been abandoned by the creator after a short amount of time (1-2 years after first release).

@Ben Glad to hear that you’re working on the next version of Base!

I would also recommend checking out TablePlus ( It's free for basic use (limited to two tabs at once).

It's just an all round excellent app and I find it invaluable for inspecting our app's sqlite databases.

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