Monday, January 27, 2020

Core Data Lab 1.0

Ron Elemans (via Mike Rundle):

The Core Data viewer app we had in mind should be able to filter data in any way we like, show related data defined by Core Data relationships, allow to edit and delete data, show any type of web data automatically, and present all data conform the object model including binary and transient fields.

A database viewer is of course not complete without obvious features like a metadata viewer, which allows you to inspect all aspects of the Core Data Object model, and export functions, which allow you to export any data selection as CSV or JSON file.

But there is more. The app should also be able to show all Core Data apps that we ever started in an iOS, iPadOS, tvOS or watchOS simulator in a handy overview, together of course with the related database. And we are always curious how ‘other’ apps uses Core Data. So our Core Data app should be able to find the database for a given Core Data app, and the other way around.


Another nice feature we implemented is a data change tracker, which lets you see in a graphical way how a Core Data app mutates a database.

The initial version already looks better than the previous such apps I tried. I can’t believe it’s only $10. The developer was very responsive to the feature requests and bugs that I sent in.

See also: CoreDataUtility, Core Data Explorer.


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Terrific app - the pricing is suicidal, though. Why are we (indie devs) doing this to ourselves..?
At least in the 'pro' space people still understand that creating applications is expensive and should be compensated accordingly.

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