Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Git Tower 10.2


Sync Action: This action synchronizes your HEAD branch with a remote branch by pulling and then pushing commits (if pulling was successful). If you are not using the default toolbar item set, you can add the Sync action to your toolbar by running “Customize Toolbar” from the “View“ main menu.

Settings: You can now configure custom environment variables used when running Git commands by visiting the new “Environment” tab in Tower’s settings.

Settings: You can now choose 1Password as an SSH Agent for SSH Signing in the “Git Config” tab.


New License View: An improved license window will show more license information and allows you to deactivate devices.


Syntax Highlighting: Text is now highlighted correctly when selecting lines for staging.

I like the syntax highlighting introduced in version 10, but I’ve had intermittent problems where viewing even a small file makes it use 800% CPU doing JavaScript stuff, seemingly forever, even if I click to view another file.


Update (2023-12-06): Bruno Brito:

We have added a new button: Sync! This action performs a combination of a “pull” operation followed by a “push” (if the “pull” is successful).

Kristian Lumme:

Just like in Git, you can filter the history by commit author, date range, files affected, commit message and more. Click the dropdown in the search box in the upper right corner to select your first criteria to filter by (1).

After entering a value and hitting Enter, the filter shows up above the commit list, where you can use the plus and minus buttons to add more criteria as needed (2)!

I had never noticed this. I wish the buttons for adding criteria were always visible. Same with the Blame, File History, and Diff Tool buttons, which only show up when you mouse over the right spot.

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