Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Link Unshortener Updates

Jeff Johnson:

Link Unshortener 9.0 adds a convenient list of all your installed web browsers so that you can open a link in any browser with one click or keypress. And if you set Link Unshortener itself as your default web browser in System Preferences, then whenever you click a link in an external app such as Mail, Link Unshortener will allow you to easily send the link to the web browser of your choice!


Link Unshortener 9.0 also adds custom URL redirects! Automatically redirect new Reddit to old Reddit, Twitter to Nitter, YouTube to Invidious, etc.

Jeff Johnson:

If you use Link Unshortener, it extracts the Mastodon URL from the Twitter warning URL. I'm showing you the Link Unshortener window here, but you can also set it to open destination URLs automatically (and set Link Unshortener as your default web browser).

Jeff Johnson:

In version 10.5, Link Unshortener now has special handling for Reddit email links, automatically turning click.redditmail.com URLs into www.reddit.com URLs, without the intermediate steps and without all the tracking parameters at the end! If you make Link Unshortener your default web browser, then it can handle links like these from your email client.

Jeff Johnson:

Added gbraid, wbraid, s_cid, and yclid to the list of known trackers trimmed from URL queries. Removed linkId from the list, because it’s used by non-trackers.

Jeff Johnson:

Link Unshortener version 13.0 now automatically removes text fragments in URLs, to match the new StopTheMadness feature.

Jeff Johnson:

The fake User-Agent used by Link Unshortener has been changed from Windows to Mac, because a specific combination of HTTP headers was triggering a few sites to return HTTP 403 Forbidden.

Trim URL queries now removes “rtd” from Reddit URLs.


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