Thursday, February 17, 2022

Taming Links on macOS with Open In

Mike Schmitz:

With Open In, you can trigger a list of installed browsers when you click a link and choose the one you want it to, well, open in.

For the last several years, I’ve been using PasswordWallet as my bookmark opener, because it lets me specify which browser to use for each site. Usually I want to use Safari, but some sites only work in Firefox or Chrome. This way I don’t have to remember.

But there’s a lot more nerdy goodness to be had than just selecting from multiple web browsers. For example, if you add Zoom as an option for browser links, there’s a URL Rewrite section that gets added with a pre-configured regular expression[…] This allows you to open the Zoom link directly in the app, with no additional effort.


You can also create custom rules for when a file is open from a specific path, is coming from a specific application, or when a keyboard modifier is pressed. For example, I have a rule that allows me to open the file directly in Preview if I hold down the Command key[…]


Have you tried Default Browser app by @apexskier? This app is set as the default browser and forwards URLs to the browser you most recently had active. No need to be tied to one default browser. Genius.

Satish E. Viswanath:

Browserosaurus and Finicky are slightly less GUI-based apps that let you do similar things with links and apps.

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I've been using Bumpr for this for a while. Solid, does the job, let's me send some things to Chromium or Firefox (Facebook Container FTW), if I'd rather not Safari.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I’ve been using Choose Wisely for what seems like forever. It’s such a lifesaver, with the added bonus of being able to simply choose not to open the link at all. I’m on High Sierra and lower for most of the day, and haven’t tried it on the M1 yet.

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