Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Helping ckbk Remove Ad Tracking

Adam Engst:

Matt was referring to “Use Live Text to Digitize Your Cookbooks” (5 January 2023), and he wanted to tell me about his service ckbk, which provides the full text of roughly 700 cookbooks to subscribers.


I downloaded the ckbk app to my iPhone and was dismayed to discover that this compelling-sounding service from someone I’d probably enjoy a great deal in person seemingly wanted to track me. […] My politely worded disappointment about tracking resulted in ckbk refactoring the app to remove the dialog, which will create a better experience for new ckbk users, possibly including TidBITS readers. Everyone wins.

I also learned that Apple’s App Tracking Transparency might be a bit more of a blunt instrument than I had previously thought. As you saw in the screenshot above, I still use a fair number of apps that have asked to track me, and perhaps they aren’t as evil as I had believed. But I’m still not going to give them permission. And don’t get me started about the likes of Facebook and Instagram, which I won’t let anywhere near my iPhone.


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