Friday, April 15, 2022

More Users Opting in to App Tracking

Filipe Espósito:

While the number of users opting to let apps track them was low at first, a new research from Adjust shows that some people have been changing their mind about this option.

According to the research firm, the industry feared that the new App Tracking Transparency in iOS would hurt the mobile app market, which heavily relies on advertisements. In May 2021, opt-in rates were at around 16%. Now that number has grown to 25% a year later.

When it comes to games, the number is even higher – 30% of users have allowed developers to collect their data for advertisements.

Nick Heer:

The most puzzling thing to me is that these four games have exactly the same first-launch flow for gaining consent to track users, yet they are producing wildly varying results.


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Varying results for apps with the same launch flow might be due to localization, in French and probably other languages that have longer words than English the text “Ask app not to track” is greatly reduced in size, making “Allow” seem to be the recommended choice.

Better headline and context:

Adtech Company Report Finds Increasing Rate of iOS Users Opting Into Tracking

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