Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Finbar 1.7.3

Roey Biran (Reddit):

Finbar reimagines the Mac’s built–in menu bar search with great features such as fuzzy filtering and tracking of recently selected menu items — without sacrificing an ounce of speed. With Finbar, you’ll unlock the menu bar’s true potential as a native, ubiquitous command palette.


Traverse the most complex of menu bar hierarchies with just a few keystrokes: Finbar turns every menu bar into a browsable outline, just like the Finder does for your file system. And selecting menu items containing other items will scope the search just to the nested items.


Finbar will automatically pick up any shell scripts or AppleScript files placed inside a special folder and integrate them with the rest of the menu bar.


Update (2023-07-26): Kᑐᑌᑐᕮ:

Alternative with Alfred.

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Corentin Cras-Méneur

I was curious to test it, but the download link has an invalid certificate… Not ideal :-\

Hi, Finbar’s dev here. What your experience is very weird, the app has been downloaded many times and it’s the first time I’m hearing about such a thing. What link did you follow exactly? The one on my home page?

Corentin Cras-Méneur

The link is fine now :-) I guess the certificate issue was addressed soon after I tried.

It could be that a vpn/wifi/isp was presenting an invalid connection cert, because the Finbar certificate has not been updated recently.

Corentin Cras-Méneur

@matt, the .dmg is hosted by BackBlaze. It’s not directly on the Finbar website. I suspect that the (shared) Backblaze server in question was temporarily blacklisted on my network.

Regardless though, I’m still playing around with Finbar. The app does a good job at finding menu items. The question though is whether or not it’ll make me switch from my present routines with Alfred or KeyCue.


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