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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Finbar 1.7.3

Roey Biran (Reddit):

Finbar reimagines the Mac’s built–in menu bar search with great features such as fuzzy filtering and tracking of recently selected menu items — without sacrificing an ounce of speed. With Finbar, you’ll unlock the menu bar’s true potential as a native, ubiquitous command palette.


Traverse the most complex of menu bar hierarchies with just a few keystrokes: Finbar turns every menu bar into a browsable outline, just like the Finder does for your file system. And selecting menu items containing other items will scope the search just to the nested items.


Finbar will automatically pick up any shell scripts or AppleScript files placed inside a special folder and integrate them with the rest of the menu bar.


Update (2023-07-26): Kᑐᑌᑐᕮ:

Alternative with Alfred.


Adam Engst:

Then we found Melio, which promises ACH payments for free and has no transaction limits (banks may have their own). Melio makes its money by charging for rush payments, credit card payments, paper checks, and what are essentially payment loans. While those upsell opportunities are always visible in the interface, there’s no problem with using it purely with ACH for free. Note that Melio doesn’t do wire transfers.


Everyone I pay regularly said entering the necessary routing and account numbers to receive payments was easy, although they were all in the US. When I looked into paying Kirk McElhearn, who lives in the UK, I found that Melio supports international payments, but that requires getting the recipient’s SWIFT or IBAN number and costs $20 per transaction.


Melio also lets you upload a PDF invoice or image, then parses it to create a bill, which is quite slick, or you can sync with QuickBooks. A quick search revealed that there’s also a Melio Payments integration with Xero, but reviews suggest it has synchronization problems.


PayPal is very expensive way to send money across currencies or borders. If you need to do this in the future, I recommend Wise (that’s my referral link which gets you your first transfer for free). Their rates+fees are generally the best you’ll find, and the interface is excellent. I’ve been using them for many years (they were formally called TransferWise). And don’t be fooled by ‘no fees’ from PayPal and similar – it’s all in the ridiculous exchange rate they use!