Friday, April 14, 2023

Shortcat 0.11.4

Sproutcube (via Rui Carmo):

Shortcat indexes your Mac’s user interface and makes them available to you in a powerful command palette.

Click buttons, focus text fields, invoke menu commands, switch windows, and more; no mouse required.


Shortcat lets you search window titles for more precise multi-tasking. No more Command + Tab and Command + Backticks!


Navigate around your web apps and websites by just typing what you want.


Update (2023-04-26): See also: Contexts and SuperKey.

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Jonathan Huff

This is reminding me of my main reason I used to use Firefox exclusively, with being able to type to find and click links. I must have fallen out of the habit when I switched to Chrome because firefox was much slower for a while. Now that it's caught up, I should try to use that again some more.

Tried this today. Quite fun. Doesn’t work how I think it should but still quite handy for a keyboard hyper-centric user like me. Worth it just for dismissing poorly implemented dialogs alone: yes I’m looking at you, Apple.

How can I copy the selected text to the clipboard?

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