Friday, April 14, 2023

Peer Group Benchmarks


Peer group benchmarks provide powerful new insights across the customer journey, so you can better understand what works well for your app and find opportunities for improvement. Apps are placed into groups based on their App Store category, business model, and download volume to ensure relevant comparisons. Using industry-leading differential privacy techniques, peer group benchmarks provide relevant and actionable insights — all while keeping the performance of individual apps private.

Jeff Johnson:

My proceeds per paying user are $7.48 [for a $9.99 app]. I’m in the App Store Small Business Program, so Apple’s cut is 15% rather than 30%, which leaves me with $8.49 USD. I guess that foreign currency exchange rates bring down my average by $1? Or maybe the amount includes refunds, I don’t know.

In both the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, my proceeds per paying user put me in the top quartile of all upfront paid apps with no In App Purchase, despite the fact that both of my apps cost under $10. Indeed, according to the numbers given, a mere $5 in proceeds per paying user would have put me in the top quartile. Curiously, the quartiles are divided by exactly the same dollar amounts in the iOS and Mac App Stores; I don’t know the explanation for that.

If I look at my peer group, the Utilities category, as opposed to all categories in the above screenshots, the numbers are approximately the same but actually a little “worse”: in both the iOS and Mac App Store, it’s $1.33 proceeds per paying user to qualify for the 2nd quartile, $2.47 for the 3rd quartile, and $4.36 for the top quartile.

Indeed, I have a utility in the top quartile at $4.66. And the numbers seem to have changed such that now you only need $4.28 to be in the 75th percentile in Utilities, and $6.31 in Productiivty.


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