Thursday, April 13, 2023

macOS Cursor Images

Matt Birchler (Hacker News):

Some design assets some of you may love!

macOS Cursors has SVGs of basically (actually?) every cursor from macOS.

Emoji Toolkit has 135 common emoji in vector format (Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop versions) so you ever need to use emoji at larger sizes than like 72pts.


Final Cut Pro, Apple’s flagship video editing software, overrides the default MacOS cursor with a nearly identical, but slightly different cursor shape. It’s almost exactly the same as the standard retina MacOS cursor but the little “stem” at the bottom is shorter & points slightly more to the right. I’d expect this from a weird niche bit of open source software, but for one of the Mac’s flagship applications it’s a bit strange. Perhaps someone here could enlighten me to the purpose of this bizarre quirk.


If you want to investigate the history of the macOS cursor, and other cursor schemes, I highly recommend this video.


Update (2023-04-22): Léo Natan:

It seems that SwiftUI caches the current cursor image, so even if it is changed in Settings, Settings itself displays the wrong cursor on screens that have been rendered at least once.

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