Tuesday, April 11, 2023

SVG to SwiftUI Converter

Antoni Silvestrovic (via Dave Verwer):

Tool to convert SVG to SwiftUI’s Shape structure. This approach is much more memory efficient than introducing a SVG library for rendering.


This repository is just a front-end wrapper over our svg-to-swiftui-core (npm link) package.


To demonstrate this tool I created a thicc plus sign with rounded corners (created it in Sketch, so shapes from Sketch should work fine with this tool). It’s saved as content/demo-plus.svg file in this repository. You can see below how it looks like in the browser, and how it looks like after converting into SwiftUI Shape.


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Shameless self promotion, I have the SVG Shaper app. It can do a little more than just shapes, but not everything either :-) https://zeezide.de/en/products/svgshaper/

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