Friday, February 24, 2023

ChatGPT for Apple Platforms Development

Steve Troughton-Smith:

At this point, I really would appreciate a tool that just parses an Xcode SceneKit .scn scene and spits out a built-in-code representation of it. Xcode’s SceneKit editor has been a liability for years, and it exhausts all my energy to fix its compatibility issues every time I update my projects 😪 PaintCode, but for SceneKit scenes

Just had my mind blown: So I NSLogged a description of my SceneKit hierarchy for the luls and gave it to ChatGPT and told it to turn it into Swift code. Gibberish, right? Well it had NO PROBLEM figuring out what I meant, and it just did what I wanted 🤯

omg ChatGPT can parse Interface Builder XML and output code too? I just dropped my Launch Storyboard into it 😱

So I crafted a storyboard in Interface Builder (pic 1). I then took that XML, pasted it into ChatGPT, and asked it to rewrite it in SwiftUI. It gave me SwiftUI code that, with the tiniest bit of massaging, I could drop into Playgrounds to get the following app (pic 2). It did take some liberties and didn’t get it 100% correct, but it’s pretty darn close

Quentin Zervaas:

This particular screen uses SwiftUI, but off the top of my head, I wasn’t sure of the easiest to create this typing effect. Instead of using Google or Stack Overflow, I thought this might be a good chance to try ChatGPT[…]


I didn’t love how it generated the timers - seemed a bit wasteful to create a repeating timer, only to cancel it every time, so I made a few changes.


On balance, using ChatGPT was a very useful way to mock up some working code. While some tweaks were needed for my specific application, it was ultimately a huge time saver.

• • •

Benjamin Mayo:

Better error messages for SwiftUI result builders coming soon

Michael Steeber:

honestly i just paste my code block and the error into ChatGPT now and have it explain the error. The “solution” usually doesn’t work, but it at least makes the problem clear to me


my success rate is a lot higher than stackoverflow because it understands the exact context of your specific use case, not just the error in an abstract sense of the language

• • •


I also am looking for “UNIBOX” alternative […] I asked if it’s possible to use extensions to make apple mail function better.

p.s. I asked ChatGPT: Maybe someone with more skill can just develop this plugin which turns apple mail into unibox

Scott Morrison:

Don’t believe everything (or anything) ChatGPT tells you.

I have been developing Plugins for Mail App for 20 years.

The ChatGPT response is 100% fiction.


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People keep saying it “understands” and “knows” things and it’s honestly worrying that so many people seem incapable of grasping that language models don’t “know” or “understand” anything. They’ll ask ChatGPT questions as if it’s some sort of all-knowing oracle when there are ample examples of it confidently asserting falsehoods and nonsense.

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