Tuesday, April 11, 2023

2023 Six Colors Apple in the Enterprise Report Card

Jason Snell (tweet):

In most categories, our panel’s view of Apple in the enterprise was on an upswing. The company made large gains in the categories of enterprise service and support and in macOS identity management (its 3.3 average was still fairly low overall, but up a whopping 0.4 from last year). However, Apple took a big hit in the deployment category, which dropped 0.2 to become the lowest scoring category in the survey.

We also asked a couple of questions outside the traditional set. For the second straight year, we asked about the pace of operating-system adoption. There was a big change here, with “quicker than usual” moving from 37% last year to 51% this year. (A decision by Apple to force a Ventura update as a “minor” upgrade may be at least partially responsible—see the comments in that category for the gory details.)


More than half of the people who answered said that while they allowed the App Store, they wouldn’t want to allow third-party app stores. In their detailed comments, several expressed concern that any policy ruling that forced Apple’s hand might make it harder for admins to block third-party app stores, which would make them very unhappy.


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Old Unix Geek

Religious leaders were very unhappy about the creation of the printing press which allowed the riff-raff to read whatever they wanted. In some countries, the religious leaders were able to ban it. They avoided the religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics that resulted, but their countries, such as the Ottoman Empire, regressed.

Of course people who view their jobs as "ensuring security" will respond poorly to opening the app store up. It just means they are thinking of themselves, not of the bigger picture. "Man cannot understand thing his job requires him not to understand! News at 11!"

@OUG Indeed. Craven. But the faithful do believe, against all evidence, that Apple owning the whole stack suddenly makes their platform of choice a safe haven free of security issues and bugs, instead of a captive market of high-value purchasers of nice hardware. Very sad.

And Software Update is broken. Assuming you're happy just violently rebooting the computer to perform the update, watch out for failed updates that dump you in recovery mode, or merely destroy your network connectivity by deleting your DNS proxy configuration. (Workaround: bind the proxy to a network interface, use that interface's IP instead of the loopback address.)

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