Thursday, April 13, 2023

Checking the Real Apple Account Balance

John Gordon:

His account [in the Mac App Store] shows $150 as a balance, but that’s wrong. If you click on Profile and drill down to this Accounts page (requires authentication) you will see the correct amount of $135.37. Evidently the amount displayed on the App Store screen is copied there from another system and there’s a time lag. In my testing I’ve found that the lag is at least a day and I suspect it only updates when one checks the Apple Account (requires authentication). So, in reality, the Apple Account is the only way to know this number.

Apple doesn’t mention this, but you can also get to this Accounts page (which has the accurate numbers) from iTunes/Music. You can’t get to it from the web however; doesn’t have this data.

I’ve also found the displayed balance to often be stale and inconsistent among different devices and apps.

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Apple is applying its "free space on file system" philosophy to money. At least they're consistent.

Could it be the money you have - money that will soon be withdrawn for a purchase you've made vs the Money you have thing?

That always gets me with my bank, Or it did until I found the right toggle in settings.

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