Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Google Drive Adds File Limit

ra13 (via Hacker News):

Around 14th February 2023 several Google Drive accounts started showing an error of “Upload Failed” for any creation action carried out. (Eg. creating a new empty folder).

I faced the same on my Google Drive account (2 TB). My usage is only 1.62TB of the 2TB, and my Bin is empty.


There were a few reports of Google Support reps informing people of a 5 million item limit on Google Drive. (Regardless of if you have a 2TB, 5TB or 20TB account).

That might sound high, but up until this issue, I had 7 million files in my Google Drive without any problems at all.

Now all of a sudden, since ~14th Feb, it’s unusable, unless i delete 2 million files!

Ben Schoon (via Slashdot):

Effectively, that user and anyone else in the same situation are locked out of their accounts, with the files stored now in a “read-only” mode.


In a brief Twitter thread, Google tonight confirmed that it is rolling back the limit on created files for all Google Drive users. The limit, which was imposed by surprise, was done to “preserve stability and optimize performance.” Google says that it is now looking into “alternate approaches” despite reiterating that only a small number of users were affected by the limit.

Google also addressed its shortcoming in notifying users of the limit, saying that “will communicate” any further changes to users prior to implementing them.


Google Drive lost all our HR files, everyone’s contracts etc. Huge panic. We only got them back by using Vault (the legal discovery back door, which doesn’t return them in the same format or folder structure). And yes, no one deleted them - I checked the audit logs.

See also: Hacker News, Ron Amadeo.


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