Monday, January 24, 2022

Google Drive Incorrectly Flags File for Copyright Infringement

Emily Dolson (via Hacker News):

Uh, @googledrive, are you doing okay? This file literally contains a single line with the number “1”.

Presumably nobody manually added the hash of that data to a list, so this is probably some sort of AI mistake.

The worst part is that the error message says: “A review cannot be requested for this restriction.”


I experienced something similar building an internal tool on GSuite. I had a large file with sequences of 9 digit numbers specific to our use-case, all tied to names of people (employees). Whelp, at one point the tool I was working on stopped working, and it was flagged as apparently containing social security numbers (which I suppose matched the character length).

Whelp, on the admin panel, you can get a report of those files, and then mark it as a false positive. Which I did. But then nothing happened, and nothing changed. It was no use.

The hilarious bit: It did, of course, allow me to make a copy of the file in question, and then just point the resource I was building to the new file, which was exactly the same. Weeks later... so far, so good.


The same algorithm that did this also has the power to just lock you out of all Google services, permanently cutting off off your access to your emails and whatever else you’ve stored with them. As has happened before.


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