Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Dark Noise 3.0

John Voorhees:

The free version of Dark Noise includes eight sounds, continuous sound looping, Shortcuts support, Siri integration, and a timer. The Pro subscription increases the number of sounds to over 50 and adds custom sound mixes, alternate app icons, themes, and Family Sharing. The Pro features are also available as a one-time purchase.


There are a lot of ambient sound apps on the App Store, but a lot aren’t very good. Dark Noise is excellent, and I expect having a free tier to show off what the app can do to new users will result in more paid users in the long run.


Version 3.0 also introduces remastered Rain, Beach, Airplane Interior, and Thunderstorm sounds that sound better when used with stereo speakers.

I have been using Rain Rain for years, and both iOS and macOS now have built-in Background Sounds, which can be triggered from Control Center or Siri.

Update (2023-04-06): Craig Grannell:

I’ve long used White Noise+, with its straightforward mixing desk layout and one-hit price.

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It’s easy to miss, but iOS and macOS both have this built in. On iOS, go to Settings ➙ Accessibility ➙ Audio/Visual ➙ Background Sounds (you can also add this to Control Centre). On macOS, go to System Settings ➙ Accessibility ➙ Audio.

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