Wednesday, April 5, 2023

StopTheFonts 1.0

Jeff Johnson (Mastodon):

Today I’m introducing StopTheFonts, a Safari content blocker for web fonts on iOS and macOS, available now in the App Store.


There are a number of reasons to use StopTheFonts: to protect your privacy, because every web font is loaded over the web, exposing your IP address and possibly other information, often to third parties; to make web pages load faster, because they don’t have to wait for the fonts to load; to save bandwidth on carrier-limited connections.


StopTheFonts makes it easier to create a “blank slate” for font replacement rules in StopTheMadness.

It’s a $2.99 universal purchase.


Update (2023-04-07): Jeff Johnson:

Apple seriously rejected version 1.1 of StopTheFonts for this complete bullshit.

The biggest problem is that App Review asked me for [documentation and a screenshot] while I was trying to rush out a version 1.1 update instead of asking me for these bullshit things while they were reviewing version 1.0.

That’s always the most frustrating part: we suddenly get rejected for things that were already accepted!


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