Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Studio Display Firmware 16.4

Juli Clover (release notes):

According to Apple’s release notes, the Studio Display Firmware Update 16.4 adds support for in-field recalibration of the display using the Pro Display Calibrator. It allows for specific color workflows that may require custom calibration by an in-house spectroradiometer. The update also includes minor stability improvements.

With such a vague description after so many beta releases, I’m going to wait a while to update to make sure they got it right.


Update (2023-03-28): Jonathan Wight:

This Apple Studio Display software update is pretty gnarly.

Lots of long black screens where you’re hoping it comes back to life…

Not the greatest of Apple hardware update experiences….

Update (2023-03-30): Howard Oakley:

If something goes wrong, all you can do is wait for another 15 minutes, with your Studio Display connected to your Mac, and your Mac connected to the internet. Whatever you do, don’t disconnect them, or restart your Mac.

There are two warning signs: a symbol showing a small padlock on a display icon, or the display showing black for over 15 minutes. Apple’s advice then is to unplug the Thunderbolt cable from the display and your Mac, then plug the cable back in again.

If that doesn’t enable the update to complete, the best way out is using a Mac with another display.

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My new Apple Studio Display almost bricked in update.
About half hour of black screen with repeated icon "display with warning sign" and URL to support.apple.com/display/restore (which doesn't help).

Hopefully, this helps for me: disconnect all USB-C peripherals from hub.
It is not mentioned in update instructions.
Now it works but it was a terrible experience.

Displays should not require firmware updates. They do not need a full blown OS. They should just display what goes into them, period.

Yes, I find it odd that this display runs a full-blown install of iOS. Seems like overkill.

Is it just in order to enable the Center Stage feature?

Is there some other reason?

Matt Vandergrift

This should be the first page when you Google Apple Studio Display Update!

I'm unsure why I wasn't offered this update earlier, but I ran across it while doing an Xcode upgrade. What a horrible experience. I bricked my display at least twice. No progress indicator, a black screen for 10-15 minutes, then a random warning icon with a useless URL. Thankfully, disconnecting the USB dongle allowed the update to continue. Thanks for that advice.

The ASD is an excellent display, probably not worth the money, but 45 minutes for a firmware update - crazy.

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