Monday, March 20, 2023

Camo Studio 2

Jason Snell:

I’ve been using Camo Studio 2 for a few weeks and I’ve been relieved, frankly, to finally have proper control over my Continuity Camera and Studio Display cameras. The lighting in my office is weird, so I often need to adjust the color balance, and I’m never happy with the default zoom and options that Apple offers. With Camo Studio, I can drop an iPhone into a MagSafe mount and use it immediately without attaching a cable or launching an app on the iPhone.

Camo Studio has also picked up a bunch of new tricks. In addition to its classic zoom and image-adjustment settings, it’s got its own versions of Center Stage, Portrait Mode, and Studio Light. Reincubate claims its features are better and less processor intensive than Apple’s versions. (I did notice a few cases where Camo’s software seemed to better detect the difference between me and my background.) There’s also a really nice auto-pan mode that’s similar to Center Stage, but allows you to lock the zoom.


Update (2023-03-28): Duncan Babbage:

Camo Studio 2.0 from Reincubate makes the Apple Studio Display’s webcam look great.

You can set a fixed zoom position, SO much better than Centre Stage, and sharpen the image. It shows how ridiculous it is Apple doesn’t offer a pick-the-section-to-crop-and-display option for the Studio Display webcam.

No longer do I have to experience bouncing up and down in my chair slightly and having Centre Stage put my eyes in the centre of the frame, when it should be framing me head-and-shoulders.

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