Friday, May 6, 2022

Camo 1.6

Michael Potuck:

Reincubate launched its Camo app back in 2020 to seamlessly upgrade your Mac’s webcam with the iPhone you already have. Over the last two years, the app has been continuously upgraded, and today brings a major milestone. Camo now has official support to use your iPhone as the webcam in FaceTime, Safari, and QuickTime Mac apps.


After talking with Apple over the last couple of years, Reincubate has been able to build official support for Camo into first-party Mac apps.

Scarlet Salkeld:

I bought just about every type of stand on the market, and even tried constructing some makeshift ones from things I had around the house. In this guide, I'm going to run through which ones might work for you, and why.

James Thomson:

So, this is the iPhone XS Max rear camera via @reincubate Camo, with a few tweaks. Nowhere near the Sony ZV-1 obviously, but realistically good enough for what I need to do[…]


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> After talking with Apple over the last couple of years

So what does that actually mean? Did they make a kernel extension that Apple reluctantly signed?

Can we get back to a place where third parties don't need to "talk to Apple" for two years(!!) and can instead add features to the Mac without Apple's approval? You know, the "we can't wait to see what you do with it" line?

@Sören It sounds like they got some kind of special access, like some backup apps get for APFS snapshots. Of course, Apple insists that developers are treated equally. If this disparity ever becomes an issue, they’ll retcon it as an “established program” or pilot.

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