Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Growth of Mastodon


Looks like users of Medium.com are starting to register for Mastodon accounts.

Welcome to all new users of Mastodon.

Registered users of Mastodon might reach 10million users tomorrow.

And, indeed, that happened (via Hacker News). Some of the accounts are surely defunct, though that’s also the case with numbers from other social networks.

Mike Masnick:

Anyway, again, no idea how accurate any of these numbers are, but potentially more interesting is fediverse.observer’s stats suggesting that the fediverse is closing in rapidly on an average of a billion posts per month!


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The @mastodonusercountcount account allows you to know how many Mastodon accounts have been created in the last hour, the last day and the last week

Even a casual user sick as myself can notice that Mastodon is gaining in relevance.

But since it's just Twitter in a different setup I'm personally not that interested.

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