Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Medium’s Mastodon Server

Alex Benzer:

A few weeks ago, we announced that Medium is embracing short-form writing by launching our very own Mastodon server at Starting today, we’re opening up access for our member community. If you’re a Medium member, you can create an account on

Via John Gruber:

To my knowledge no company with such resources has started a public Mastodon instance to date. I am very uncomfortable with the fact that nearly all Mastodon servers are free-to-use volunteer efforts, funded by voluntary donations. That’s not sustainable. I suspect a lot of Mastodon servers that seem to be thriving today won’t be around in 5 years, taking all of their posts with them. I don’t feel great about the fact that Medium is venture-backed, either, but they do charge $5/month or $50/year for a membership.

I’ve been using, which is funded by Patreon donations. It seems to be one of the better servers but was down for a while yesterday. I haven’t actually seen Twitter go down recently, but sometimes it’s really slow.


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