Wednesday, March 1, 2023

GraphicConverter 12

Lemke Software (product page):

With the new Metadata Juggler dialog you can effortlessly combine several editing steps, save them and open them again at any time, just as you already know from the actions. Your advantage: You can, for example, delete parts of the metadata such as exposure time and aperture in one editing step and copy the contents of an IPTC field into another field, etc.


you can now automatically crop people and objects and insert them into another image, for example.


lines, circles and rectangles can now be created as vector objects, optionally with a shadow. Save your image in GraphicConverter format /gcimgd) to be able to change the vector objects later.


Our new dialog makes quick conversions even easier. Drag your images onto the dialog and sit back. GraphicConverter does the conversion and performs an action at the same time if you wish.


If you have only changed the IPTC/XMP metadata, you can now save these changes without resaving the entire file. This way you avoid unnecessary quality losses with formats like the JPG or the HEIC format.

It’s $39.95 or $25.95 to upgrade.


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Is GC the oldest Mac app that's still updated? Either that or BBEdit. Amazing.

@Ben I listed some of the older ones here and here.

An instant upgrade for me. GraphicConverter, alongside ImageOptim, Permute and the Affinity apps, have helped me archive my old digital artwork for posterity, and turn ancient clip-art into something usable in modern apps.

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