Monday, September 4, 2017


Update (2017-09-05) via Tech Pinscher:

Update (2017-09-08): Previously: 30 Years of PopChar.

Update (2017-09-11): See also: Jason Snell.

Update (2017-09-25):

Update (2017-10-27):

Previously: 30 Years of Mac.

Update (2019-04-15):

Update (2019-09-05): See also: John Gruber.

Update (2023-09-07):

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Steve McCartney

Agreed - all have been huge contributors to my productivity and education, along with EF, for a good and long time. Sincere congratulations to all!

I'm a huge fan of both PCalc and, especially, BBEdit. They deserve the praise!

FWIW, Solitaire Till Dawn was 25 in Feb 2016! I know it's not a productivity app; sort of the opposite, really. But you gave it a great review in Macworld, back in the day. Now there's an up-to-date macOS version in the App Store, and I hope to release an iPad version in the next couple of weeks. Your review back then helped make it worth my while to keep it up all these years, and I appreciate that. Thank you!

Default Folder X is 29 - next August it'll be 30 years since I wrote the first version of it (then called "DFaultD"). And yes, BBEdit and PCalc have been in my toolbox nearly as long - time flies when you're having fun :-)

@Jon I’ve corrected the number above. Thanks!

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Keyboard Maestro seems young compared to these at only 17 years (only 15 as my software), even if it grew out of a previous application. Stairways Software turned 25 earlier this year - as Jon said, time flies when you're having fun!

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