Monday, September 4, 2017

iCloud Backups: Contacts vs. Notes vs. Reminders

John Gordon:

Notes aren’t on the list though. They have their own note-specific backup restore option, but it’s at the level of an individual note and there’s no version restore, only the ability to undo a delete for 30 days by restoring a Note from “recently deleted”. (BTW, if you Share a Note only the Owner can “delete” — but anyone with Edit privileges can remove all content — and since there’s no version undo that means anyone who can edit a Note can delete it without a recovery option.)

You’d have better luck restoring a previous version of a random text file—either from the Versions database or Time Machine—than a note from the Notes app.

Update (2017-09-04): Pádraig Kennedy:

Per-app iCloud Backup Restore would eliminate 90% of the argument to build sync for many apps.

Update (2017-09-05): Pierre Lebeaupin:

Let us all dupe rdar://problem/6178283/.

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