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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

SwiftUI Views Versus Modifiers

John Sundell:

So, regardless of whether we want to change the styles or structure of a view, or introduce a new piece of state, it’s starting to become clear that SwiftUI views and modifiers have the exact same capabilities. But that brings us to the next question — if there are no practical differences between the two approaches, how do we choose between them?

At least to me, it all comes down to the structure of the resulting view hierarchy.


Looking at the view-based call site above, it’s very clear that our two texts are being wrapped within a container, and it’s also easy to tell which of those two texts will end up being the leading versus trailing view.

That same thing can’t really be said for the modifier-based version this time, though, which really requires us to know that the view that we’re applying the modifier to will end up in the leading slot. Plus, we can’t really tell that those two texts will end up being wrapped in some kind of container at all. It looks more like we’re styling the leading label using the trailing label somehow, which really isn’t the case.

iMessage on Windows via Microsoft’s Phone Link

Chance Miller (Hacker News):

As reported by The Verge, the Phone Link app for Windows is meant to mirror your phone on your PC for things like notifications, phone calls, and messages. The app has historically only supported Android devices, but that’s changing today with the addition of iPhone support.

The new version of Phone Link for Windows uses Bluetooth to link a user’s iPhone to their Windows PC. It then “passes commands and messages” to the Messages app on that paired iPhone. This means you can send and receive all iPhone messages — text messages and iMessages — through the Phone Link app on your PC.


[You] can’t see the full message history in conversations via the Phone Link app. Instead, you’ll only see messages that “have been sent or received using Phone Link.”

It doesn’t support images or group messages, either. I guess this is similar to the limited iMessage support that CarPlay and Fitbit have.

I wish there were an actual iMessage API so that third parties could work around the bugs and limiations of Apple’s Messages app.


I got access to the updated version of Phone Link on my PC today, and this integration is pretty wild and it actually works, albeit with several limitations.

Microsoft today announced it is beginning to roll out iPhone support to the Phone Link app on Windows 11. In a blog post, the company said this functionality will be available to all Windows 11 users around the world by mid-May.

Microsoft today announced it has completed its rollout of iPhone support for its Phone Link app on Windows 11, as spotted by The Verge.

Blocking Adobe’s Acquisition of Figma

Leah Nylen et al. (Hacker News):

The Justice Department is preparing an antitrust lawsuit seeking to block Adobe Inc.’s $20 billion acquisition of startup Figma Inc., people familiar with the matter said.


The deal also faces an antitrust review in the European Union after the bloc’s antitrust watchdog said it had received requests from national regulators to look into the deal. The UK Competition and Markets Authority is reviewing the merger as well, and the three jurisdictions often coordinate on their investigations.

The antitrust division, which has taken a more aggressive approach to mergers under President Joe Biden, is concerned the deal — one of the largest takeovers of a private software maker — would reduce options for design software used by creative professionals.

Paul Kunert (Hacker News):

Adobe told us it expects the sale to stand up.


GraphicConverter 12

Lemke Software (product page):

With the new Metadata Juggler dialog you can effortlessly combine several editing steps, save them and open them again at any time, just as you already know from the actions. Your advantage: You can, for example, delete parts of the metadata such as exposure time and aperture in one editing step and copy the contents of an IPTC field into another field, etc.


you can now automatically crop people and objects and insert them into another image, for example.


lines, circles and rectangles can now be created as vector objects, optionally with a shadow. Save your image in GraphicConverter format /gcimgd) to be able to change the vector objects later.


Our new dialog makes quick conversions even easier. Drag your images onto the dialog and sit back. GraphicConverter does the conversion and performs an action at the same time if you wish.


If you have only changed the IPTC/XMP metadata, you can now save these changes without resaving the entire file. This way you avoid unnecessary quality losses with formats like the JPG or the HEIC format.

It’s $39.95 or $25.95 to upgrade.