Monday, February 27, 2023

Mammoth 1.0.2

Filipe Espósito:

And now iOS and macOS users will have another great third-party option for accessing the social network from their devices with Mammoth, a new free client for Mastodon.


Unsurprisingly, those who have used Aviary in the past will feel quite familiar with Mammoth.

One of the main features of Mammoth is its multi-column based interface for iPad and Mac. Users can see their timeline, mentions, likes, private messages, bookmarks, and profile all on the same screen with just a scroll. The columns are customizable so that you have quick access to all the information you need.

It’s an iOS app that’s allowed to run on Apple Silicon Macs, but the developer has not verified it.


Update (2023-02-27): Shihab Mehboob:

This first App Store release is just the beginning though. We have a big appetite to make Mammoth a beautiful Mastodon app for the rest of us. We’re a small startup team with a long history in the indie dev community, deeply steeped in Apple culture, open source, and building apps used by hundreds of millions. Our focus is on the end-to-end user experience we can offer as we combine Mammoth with our server and backend work, all fully open source and building on what makes the fediverse special. And if you just want to use Mammoth with your favorite server, that should still be an awesome experience. We’re here to help the next one hundred million users join the Mastodon community. Read all about our vision here.

Bart Decrem:

A few folks have asked about our business model, our investors and why we boldly can state that Mammoth will always be free.

We have mostly decided that there will be a subscription version of Mammoth & However, we have not yet figured out the details, and we care about the details. For example, we love the part of Mastodon culture where folks are encouraged to make a donation to their server team to help cover server costs, and we’d like that to be a significant part of our subscription system (supporting servers beyond, that is), but that comes with legal issues, App Store TOS issues etc.

Bart Decrem (via Colin Devroe):

I am pleased to announce that Mozilla is our principal investor.

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I hope that they create a native macOS version eventually.

Like Ice Cubes, the experience on macOS is sub-par. Keyboard shortcuts are almost non-existent. No tooltips or other hover behaviour. Strange non-native Settings, etc, etc.

I'm sure both apps are fine on the iPad, and I'm sure the devs are "steeped in Apple culture". But on macOS the UX is not great.

The answer about the business model didn't seem to answer it. How can it be both free and have a subscription, unless the subscription offers something that isn't free?

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