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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ventura Issues





System Settings


See also: Fixes and flaws in Ventura 13.0.


Update (2022-12-28): See also: Hacker News.

Update (2022-12-29): Two other Mail issues I’m seeing:

See also: Rui Carmo.

Update (2022-12-30): Adam Overholtzer:

Configuring widgets is broken

Third-party widgets don’t load (killall NotificationCenter will fix)

Riccardo Mori:

I’m more surprised by the nature of many of these issues, by how ridiculous they are compared with the sheer age and supposed maturity of a 20+ year-old operating system.

I’ve also heard from a consultant who says he’s seen three isolated cases where Ventura turned on FileVault by itself, without permission or offering a recovery key.

Update (2023-01-05): See also: Reddit and Reynard Jenning.

Update (2023-01-12): Collin Donnell:

Has anyone else been getting this macOS bug where the Apple ID pane in System Settings is blank or entirely unresponsive and there is a “Daemon connection invalidated!” message in Console many times a second?

See also: Overclockers.

Update (2023-01-18): Jesse Squires:

Generally, the built-in Mac Catalyst apps continue to be a major annoyance and extremely cumbersome to use. They do not behave like native AppKit apps and omit very basic features and functionality that typical users expect.


My biggest complaint is the new System Settings (née System Preferences) redesign, which is absolutely terrible. It is so slow and glitchy.

Safari’s Date Picker Causing Customer Support Issues

Robin (Robert) Thomas (via Hacker News):

There is no option to manually enter the correct date. The only obvious path forward is to tap the left arrow button 924 times to get back to 1945. The not-obvious path forward -- which our elderly users cannot find -- is to tap “December 2022”, which pops open this rolodex-type thing[…]

This is also confusing because[…] You can’t pick the day[…]

The system picker invoked by mobile Safari is particularly annoying, but many Web sites also implement their own custom date pickers that make basic operations cumbersome. AllTrails is but one example where you have to repeatedly go back one month because there is no way to enter the year. MarsEdit has a custom picker that works well—you can click on the calendar or directly type in the date. I think this should be available as a built-in style.

Archive of the Twitter Files

The Twitter Files Archive:

This is an archival of the Twitter Files released by Elon Musk, who shared the information with various independent journalists. The purpose of this site is to make the information given by Elon Musk easily accessible to everyone on and off Twitter.

This is so much better than trying to read the actual threads on Twitter.