Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Safari’s Date Picker Causing Customer Support Issues

Robin (Robert) Thomas (via Hacker News):

There is no option to manually enter the correct date. The only obvious path forward is to tap the left arrow button 924 times to get back to 1945. The not-obvious path forward -- which our elderly users cannot find -- is to tap “December 2022”, which pops open this rolodex-type thing[…]

This is also confusing because[…] You can’t pick the day[…]

The system picker invoked by mobile Safari is particularly annoying, but many Web sites also implement their own custom date pickers that make basic operations cumbersome. AllTrails is but one example where you have to repeatedly go back one month because there is no way to enter the year. MarsEdit has a custom picker that works well—you can click on the calendar or directly type in the date. I think this should be available as a built-in style.

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S├ębastien LeBlanc

This is not just a problem with Safari, but every mobile date picker. Chrome has the exact same issue.

Also, no datepicker allow you to select in the order; "year, month, day" instead of "day, month, year"

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